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Recently added Products22 days ago

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II Magnet Body Mount Plates (Small)

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II Magnet Body Mount Plates (Large)

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II 2017 JK Rear Inner Fenders

Wertymade SCX10 II 6.5" Formed Rear Tire Mount Bumper

REDS M7 WCX Corsa Lunga .21 7-Port .21 Competition On-Road Nitro Engine

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II 2017 JK Hook & Loop Body Mount Plate

MIP Tekno EB410 Pro4mance Chassis Bundle Kit

Arrowmax Dash R-Tune 540 Sensored Brushless Motor (9.5T)

SCRATCH & DENT: Traxxas Slash VXL 1/10 RTR 2WD Short Course Truck (Blue) w/TSM & TQi Radio

SCRATCH & DENT: Eachine EV900D FPV Hybrid Headset 5"-1920*1080 monitor with 2400mah Battery

SCRATCH & DENT: LRP Competition 2S LiPo 55C Hard Case Super Shorty Battery Pack (7.4V/2600mAh)

SCRATCH & DENT: Helion Gear and Shaft Cover Set (Invictus)

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Recent Updates for RCGarage and RCGarageTiming1 month ago

There are a lot of updates stay unrevealed from the majority of users because of continuous development on daily basis. In fact there were some updates in the last month which we are going to describe for all RCGarage and RCGarageTiming users in order to get them more familiar with the interface changes.

So here its are:

  1. There was a update in algorithm that calculates a driver's pace in the heat which is shown as an progress indicator. The pace now based upon most recent laps done by a driver. It is most important for the long runs such as mains.
  2. Now driver groups could be prepared for all Classes at the same time which saves times for the race director
  3. The breaks between heats in schedule are now shown also on mobile devices
  4. Timezone option has been added to User Profile Settings
  5. Practice Session feature has now a Test page where one can test his/her device wheither its being supported for Voice Lap Annoucements. Also there is a help section that describes some troublshooting.
  6. В интерфейсе режиме Тренировок добавлено отображение текущего времени с момента начала тренировочной сессии. Кроме того, каждую 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 минуту, а также каждые 5 минут после - интерфейс делает звуковое оповещение о прошествии соответствующего количества времени.
  7. The whole Practice Session feature has gone through major changes which are not visible but in fact very importaint in terms of power saving management. This allows Voice Lap Announcements keep working on sleep mode for almost infinite period of time

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Recently added Products1 month ago

XRAY Stainless Steel Battery Weight (35g)

XRAY 69mm Rear Drive Shaft w/2.5mm Pin

Team BlackSheep
SCRATCH & DENT: Team BlackSheep TBS Vendetta V2 240 FPV Racing Drone

XRAY 2.5mm Pin Ball Differential

XRAY XT8 Aluminum Front Suspension Conversion Set

XRAY 3.5mm Graphite Rear Shock Tower (Lower)

XRAY Aluminum Rear/Rear Lower Suspension Holder (Narrow) (10mm Longer)

XRAY 71mm Rear Drive Shaft w/2.5mm Pin

XRAY XB8 2018 Composite Rear Mud Protector Set

XRAY Graphite Composite Rear Lower Suspension Arm

XRAY 67.5mm Rear Shock Shaft (2) (+2mm)

XRAY 58.5mm Front Shock Shaft (2) (+2mm)

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Personal Lap Times Announcement Anytime Anywhere 2 months ago

This update stacks inside a number of new features of RCGarage. During past few weeks we've been working on such new things like lap times announcements in RCGarageTiming scoring system, user interface personalization and there was PC free testing done with our scoring system as well. In results of all that the new feature has been implemented named Practice Sessions

How does it work?

Using a personal RCGarage account one can setup a set of transponder numbers (up to 5) in the settings and through special page Practice Sessions get real time information about lap times (using voice feature) a model with given transponder makes.

Besides that one is gaining an opportunity to mark specific sessions for future use and analysis.

Practice Sessions feature is not depends on a given event schedule and could be used at any time anywhere RCGarageTiming is used even witihout PC at all (see more here).

What It is Made For?

Imagine you are coming to a track for practice and start making your own laps with other people on the track. In order to understand your pace you no longer need to wait untill the end of the race and see detailed lap stats. You can hear each time you make a lap what exact time it was.

How to Activate this Feature?

In order to start using feature Practice Sessions one should upgrade its account to Active Racer.

What does Active Racer Account give?

Despite the fact that Practice Sessions feature will be automatically activated one will also gets a user interface free from Advertisements and all techincal questions will be handled in higher priority

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Don't miss your heat with new feature "Pit Zone"2 months ago

The time has come to announce a new feature of RCGarage which called "Pit Zone". It's quite obviouse from the feature's name where one will be interested to use it. So now when you signed for an event through RCGarage you will be able to see personalized information about upcoming and finished heats including your personal results!

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Recently added Products2 months ago

DuBro Socket Cap Screws,4-40 x 1/8"

DuBro Socket Cap Screws,6-32 x 1/4"

DuBro Socket Head Cap Screws,3mm x 8

DuBro Socket Head Cap Screws,2.5mm x 6

Team Integy
Team Integy C25887 Pinion Gear 12T 1/18 LaTrax Rally

Team Integy
Team Integy C25893 Pinion Gear 20T 1/18 LaTrax Rally

Team Integy
Team Integy C25900 Spur Gear 50T 1/18 LaTrax Rally

Team Integy
Team Integy C25899 Spur Gear 52T 1/18 LaTrax Rally

Yokomo Front Double Joint Universal Bone (42.6mm)

Yokomo BD8 2018 Plastic Battery Guide/Belt Tensioner

RC4WD Pro10 1.9" Steel Stamped Beadlock Wheel (Black)

RC4WD Delrin Roof Rack

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Wanna Make RCGarage Better?3 months ago

Since the start of RCGarage project it was completly free for users and still being one for more than 4 years now! When RCGarageTiming came project has gained a lot of new visitors and users and there more than 18 thousands users have been visit our website since then!

Those who want to make this project grow with new power or one who just want to say thanks but did know how to do it - can make it through Donate button on About page.

Thanks to everyone who makes this project possible and interesing!

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Use RCGarageTiming for practice without PC3 months ago

There is an update we have been working on for quite some time. And now we are glad to publish it for you! It is now possible to use RCGarageTiming system without PC at all just using your cell phone!

What's required?

  1. An account on RCGarage with RCGarageTiming for practice feature enabled.
  2. Authentic MyLaps AMB decoder connected with Internet and configured to use RCGarage server.

If you have any troubles setting up your devices and you have any other questions you can always ask us via facebook page or a contact form here.

RCGarageTiming, LapTiming, LapMonitor

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In-Video Racing Chrono using RCGarage TIming4 months ago

There's been an event supported by RCGarage Timing called Chistmas Cup in Kiev, Ukraine.

Those who did not manage to come and race got a chance to watch heats through youtube video broadcast. And the most important thing of this broadcast was that it included a heat telemetry. It gave viewers ability to monitor position and lap times for any given driver. All of this was provided by a simple but flexible API of RCGarage Timing. The person who did not get his hands on the API was able to configure the broadcast telemetry in a minute.

This feature is avaiable for free for anyone who wants to make his own broadcast using race telemetry.

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Competition you are looking for in one click4 months ago

Happy New Year Everyone! In this chrismas update there is one small feature that allows you to get into active event page you are registered to in just one click from your main garage page.

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