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RCGRankings is HERE! The Ultimate Global RC Driver Ranking System! 3 months ago

It's time for every class, driver, and a multitude of events to be included WORLDWIDE!

RCGRankings is updated daily… Yes DAILY!

Our data shows more than 250,000 racers competing Worldwide in many different classes. With this abundance of data at our fingertips powered by RCGarage we set the Goal to classify the entire World and every class down to the club level. This now allows every racer competing to know how they rank in each and every class entered on both a National and Global level! How cool is that!?

Now this ranking system was not thrown together overnight. It has been a labor of love to quantify and make all this data make sense in a clear and concentrated way. The data is derived from the inception of RCGarage that keeps a racers rolling data going back 10 years! And now you do not have to have 10 years of data to be ranked. All the info for ‘How it Works’ is in a clickable link at the bottom.

So what does a true ranking system mean for you, your competition, and sponsors? Well first and foremost you are able to see where your rank is against the best in the World! Are you #1? Remember RCGRankings takes all classes into account so you are able to gauge your abilities against your buddies at your local track all the way up to the best of the best. This then becomes a tool for you to track your own progress and a benchmark for potential sponsors that you may be chasing? This truly is your report card of your racing progress in real time. Numbers don’t lie and RCGRankings make it all make sense for you and the companies you may race for.

Team Managers and Companies alike now have a true tool to get a sense of a new and existing drivers abilities, accolades, and gauge the level of sponsorship they deem necessary. Also beyond their abilities you can track a driver to see if they are active in the racing community, competing on a weekly or monthly basis, and if they have been improving over the years to gauge their new year contracts. It's all there for you at your fingertips, just type in a name!

Check out Top 30 rankings for your Country and the World here: Driver Rankings

Check out your personal statistics and rankings by searching your name here (If you have not signed in and claimed your profile be sure too)

More information about how it works you can find here: How it works

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Quality Streaming Overlays for Everyone9 months ago

Feature development and improvement of RCGTiming & Scoring continues. Professional video overlays is one of those features that we can offer.

Since 4 years ago when the first official release of the feature came out it gained lots of experience and popularity eventually becoming an inalienable part of the IFMAR World 1:10 Offroad Championship 2023 media stream (watch video here).

Key features of RCGT overlays are:

  1. Full integration with RCGarage driver profile database which easily allows to bring up any specific data about the driver including profile picture and sponsors
  2. Seamless integration and easy configuration for any user
  3. Availability and accessibility of the qualify overlays for any race level from a club race to the World Championship!

Checkout and try RCGTiming overlays out for yourself here

There is special premium support of other third-party timing systems out there which unlocks full potential of RCGarage database for a media company. When there are limitations of using RCGTiming & Scoring one can always find a solution with us to provide a quality streaming video.
We can provide more information about this particular feature for your specific case and help you find a solution. Contact us here.

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World Racing News Feed9 months ago

We are very proud to announce that our project became an official partner of media production team that is covering IFMAR Offroad 1:10 World Championship! Following up with that we are introducing a new feature to gather news from all around the racing World. Make sure to check out Racing News feed and follow up with world racing events.

This feature will make it possible to share all the info about the particular event you would image all at one place. At this stage of implementation we will make news creation available for a closed community only. We will eventually extend the access to all other authorized users in the next update so make sure not to miss it!

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Driver Profile Page Update1 year ago

We are glad to announce the update of the driver's profile page in RCGarage!

You now have the option to upload your own avatar to personalize your profile and make it relevant to the RC community.

In addition, we have also made changes to the page navigation to make it more convenient and intuitive. Now you can quickly find the information you are interested in by going through desired section.

Find your own profile from more than 200k drivers from all over the World and check out for yourself all the new features right now!

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RCGTiming and Scoring Official Release!2 years ago

As some of you may know there is an integrated lap timing and scoring system within RCGarage platform. It's been there for awhile now. 6 years to be exact. For all this time we continued to put effort into developing the system that can be used by anyone anywhere with as the less effort as possible and without special technical knowledge. This system has complete integration with our RCGarage platform and it's been free to use for all this time.

With the continuing growth of the system through the years and with increasing number of users we have decided to create a team and make our RCGTiming and Scoring system as a standalone project! This will allow us to extend our service support and make exclusive features to the system when required. That is why we introduce a couple of paid subscription plans along with the FREE one of course that will always be there.

Will this affect the integration with RCGarage?

No, it will not affect the integration at all because we know how important that is to have all the entities like Driver Profiles, Tracks and Clubs share the same platform.

How RCGTiming being as a standalone project will affect on the current RCGarage users?

All the current RCGarage users will share the same accounts with RCGTiming so everyone who had been using our lap timing system before will be able to log in using the same credentials.
IMPORTANT: All the active RCGTiming accounts will gain Special type of subscription plan as a reward for being with us all that time and providing us with important feedback. This subscription plan will be free of charge!

How to become an RCGTiming user?

If you are a race organizer or you just want to try our Lap Timing and Scoring system out you can just sign up on the website https://rcgtiming.com/ and pick a suitable subscription plan.
Note: If you have an active RCGarage user account you can just log in using respective credentials and just pick a subscription plan.

Learn More about RCGTiming

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Advanced RCTrackBuilder Features2 years ago

Development of our one of the most popular tools RCTrackBuilder continues and based on frequent demand we added the ability to view the track layout (in 3D mode) for non-logged in users.

In addition, the track builder tool itself is now integrated into our timing and scoring system RCGTiming. So one can set a specific track layout for any given event in the database. That will make it not just be available for all users to view the track layout, but also it becomes possible to display it as an interactive mini-map in the video broadcast with online tracking of the predicted position of each driver in the race!

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RCGTiming: Big update to the Timing and Scoring system UI!2 years ago

We continue to move forward and we continue to develop our project every single day, accumulating and processing feedback from users of RCGarage!

Today we want to introduce a big change in our integrated timing and scoring system. That was the result of recent few months of work and includes significant changes in RCGTiming UI.

IMPORTANT: For all those users who use RCGTiming to organize racing events and are worried about many updates, you shouldn't worry much because all the existing functionality remains, only its location changes. Nevertheless, if you have any questions about the new interface, you can always get an answer using our feedback form here.

List of the most important changes in the current update:

  • Whole new main screen of the event
  • Changed the navigation between sections of the current event. You no longer need to switch screens going from different configuration sections
  • Practice tab is right there on the main screen with background sound announcements
  • A dedicated list of the drivers in addition to the list of entries
  • A brand new way to manage an event
  • Optimization of the control panel on the main event screen and in the race screen
  • In addition, many optimizations have been made related to the race schedule and various useful features have been added, including restarting the race and viewing the driver's lap chart right from the ongoing race screen

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Competition events analytics visualization for everyone!2 years ago

Thanks to our supporters and all of you who help our project grow! You are the reason we continue to develop more and more new features and make them available for everyone!

In today's update we open access to the feature that has been available for more than two years only to certain users who somehow supported and helped RCGarage project grow big!

Starting of today each and every RCGarage user has the opportunity to analyze the progress of each racer within individual competition event, namely to see the dynamics of his racing lap performance from race to race on the respective chart. In addition, on the detailed event statistics page, you can now also see a comparative chart of the best and average lap of each of driver!

And once again to say thank you to all those who supported and continue to support our project, we have implemented a special distinctive sign that will be attached to all visible name of the project supporter!

Thank you and stay tuned for more updates!

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RCGarage Community Grows!3 years ago

We took a short break in the news feed, but the RCGarage community does not stand still and continues to grow!

During this short period of time our users managed to add more than 150 RC models, claim more than 200 driver profiles, create more than 50 track layouts, and participate in more than 8000 events!

Join the RCGarage community and share your profiles with your friends!

There are some photos of random models recently added to RCGarage below:

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Driver Profile page layout update and new logo for RCGarage!3 years ago

Yet another update has become possible by feedback received from our users!

Important changes were made on the driver's profile page - there is an adjusted layout for displaying the relation between the profile and RC collection linked to it. If before the update we displayed only a link to the user's collection, then from now on all models are shown directly on the profile page!

In addition to the rc collection display, the way of displaying the list of racing classes, teams and clubs the driver is racing for has been improved.

And the last but not event close to the least we have redesigned our logo!

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