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RCGTiming and Scoring Official Release!2 years ago

As some of you may know there is an integrated lap timing and scoring system within RCGarage platform. It's been there for awhile now. 6 years to be exact. For all this time we continued to put effort into developing the system that can be used by anyone anywhere with as the less effort as possible and without special technical knowledge. This system has complete integration with our RCGarage platform and it's been free to use for all this time.

With the continuing growth of the system through the years and with increasing number of users we have decided to create a team and make our RCGTiming and Scoring system as a standalone project! This will allow us to extend our service support and make exclusive features to the system when required. That is why we introduce a couple of paid subscription plans along with the FREE one of course that will always be there.

Will this affect the integration with RCGarage?

No, it will not affect the integration at all because we know how important that is to have all the entities like Driver Profiles, Tracks and Clubs share the same platform.

How RCGTiming being as a standalone project will affect on the current RCGarage users?

All the current RCGarage users will share the same accounts with RCGTiming so everyone who had been using our lap timing system before will be able to log in using the same credentials.
IMPORTANT: All the active RCGTiming accounts will gain Special type of subscription plan as a reward for being with us all that time and providing us with important feedback. This subscription plan will be free of charge!

How to become an RCGTiming user?

If you are a race organizer or you just want to try our Lap Timing and Scoring system out you can just sign up on the website https://rcgtiming.com/ and pick a suitable subscription plan.
Note: If you have an active RCGarage user account you can just log in using respective credentials and just pick a subscription plan.

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