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Buggy Setup Wizard Improvements24 days ago

It's been a whole month since the start of BETA testing of Buggy Setup Wizard as a part of RCGarage project. There were many dirvers that found answers to their question about model setup using RCGarage tool.

Development is on its way so we have added a image tips to particular setup setting. You may check them out.

Please share your thoughts about it and let's make this guide better!

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Improved Model Mileage Tracking 1 month ago

From the point we deployed a feature that helps keep track of a model mileage in RCGarage we have received a number of requests and ideas on how to improve this feature and so we did some changes and updates. It is possible to keep track of a particular parts installed on your RC car, RC boat, RC plane or whatever you have in your RCGarage.

For example you can track mileage for a different engine installed one after another your RC Nitro Car so you will track engine's mileage independed from each other. You can track mileage for a particular electroncs, batteries, ball bearings, etc. This feature is now available for all RCGarage users.

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Model Maintenance and Mileage Tracker within RCGarage!1 month ago

Starting from today there is a new feature is available for all RCGarage users. This feature will allow a particular user to keep track of a model mileage and model maintenance events related to any RCs in user's garage. It is not that rare that racers and other guys and girls from RC hobby keep exact track of how much battery packs have been used or how many gallons of fuel have been burnt on a particular model.

One of the advantages of keeping a track of model mileage is to get clear vision of when to make a maintenance especially if there are many models in the garage and it's hard to keep everything in mind.

There is a side note about future development of this feature. There will be more opportunities related to mileage and maintenance for a user in a very near future that will extend the current feature set. Stay put for more!

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Recently added Products1 month ago

Arrowmax Dash AI LCG Competition Brushless ESC

Yuneec USA
Yuneec USA 1150mAh 2s Lipo Battery; Yuneec Breeze

Team Associated
Team Associated B6.1 Factory Lite Pucks w/Pins

Orlandoo Hunter
Orlandoo Hunter Type 7 Wheel Set (Black) (4)

Team Associated
Team Associated B6.1 Factory Lite Replacement Pucks

Pro-Line Impulse 1.9" Bead-Loc Wheels (Black/Silver) (2)

REDS Z8 Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC

RC4WD Predator Tracks (2)

REDS Z8 Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC & Program Box Combo

REDS X-ONE Torque 2143 One-Piece Off-Road Tuned Pipe

Bittydesign Venom 1/10 GT Body (Clear) (190mm)

SCRATCH & DENT: Diatone 2018 GT-M2.506 Normal X (Titanium)

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Buggy Setup Wizard - BETA Testing1 month ago

We have recently deployed a brand new feature of RCGarage called Buggy Setup Wizard. This feature is designed to help drivers to make a proper setup changes or even setups themselves. There is a Buggy setup options set are currenly available as for now.

You can find Buggy Setup Wizard under this link: https://rcgarage.info/SetupWizard

This wizard was created based on the following sources:

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RCGarageTiming Open Practice Feature2 months ago

We are glad to announce that we have implemented a new feature to RCGarageTiming that will handle open practice sessions for track hosts!

It's as simple as two clicks to start up an Open Practice in Timing Admin Panel so every driver can see their results live. No more Event creation, Class and Driver registration, nor Heat schedule.

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Event Discussions within RCGarage3 months ago

It is common when drivers and hosts are having discussion before, while or event after event has took place. There are number of chats are going on and lots of questions have been unswered. It is a part of RCGarage network from now on!

This feature is available for facebook users at this moment but there is high possibilty that it is going to be implemented using RCGarage own system in the future

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Recently added Products5 months ago

Hot Racing
Hot Racing 30x30mm Motor Heat Sink/ESC Cooling Fan

Hot Racing
Hot Racing ECX Aluminum Caster Blocks (Blue)

Hot Racing
Hot Racing Savage Flux 17mm Warlock Hex Set w/Serrated Nuts

Hot Racing
Hot Racing ECX 1/18 56mm Aluminum Shock Assembly

Team Associated
Team Associated R Holeshot Tires: T4 (pr)

Tamiya Tires: Lunchbox/Pumpkin (4)

175RC B6/B64/YZ2 Aluminum Hub Spacer Set (Green)

175RC B6/B64/YZ2 Aluminum Hub Spacer Set (Pink)

175RC B6.1/B6.1D Aluminum Nut Kit (Pink) (11)

175RC B6/B64/YZ2 Aluminum Hub Spacer Set (Red)

175RC B6/B64/YZ2 Aluminum Hub Spacer Set (Silver)

Tamiya 74041 Electric Handy Drill

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Recently added Products6 months ago

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II Magnet Body Mount Plates (Small)

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II Magnet Body Mount Plates (Large)

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II 2017 JK Rear Inner Fenders

Wertymade SCX10 II 6.5" Formed Rear Tire Mount Bumper

REDS M7 WCX Corsa Lunga .21 7-Port .21 Competition On-Road Nitro Engine

Knight Customs
Knight Customs SCX10 II 2017 JK Hook & Loop Body Mount Plate

MIP Tekno EB410 Pro4mance Chassis Bundle Kit

Arrowmax Dash R-Tune 540 Sensored Brushless Motor (9.5T)

SCRATCH & DENT: Traxxas Slash VXL 1/10 RTR 2WD Short Course Truck (Blue) w/TSM & TQi Radio

SCRATCH & DENT: Eachine EV900D FPV Hybrid Headset 5"-1920*1080 monitor with 2400mah Battery

SCRATCH & DENT: LRP Competition 2S LiPo 55C Hard Case Super Shorty Battery Pack (7.4V/2600mAh)

SCRATCH & DENT: Helion Gear and Shaft Cover Set (Invictus)

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Recent Updates for RCGarage and RCGarageTiming7 months ago

There are a lot of updates stay unrevealed from the majority of users because of continuous development on daily basis. In fact there were some updates in the last month which we are going to describe for all RCGarage and RCGarageTiming users in order to get them more familiar with the interface changes.

So here its are:

  1. There was a update in algorithm that calculates a driver's pace in the heat which is shown as an progress indicator. The pace now based upon most recent laps done by a driver. It is most important for the long runs such as mains.
  2. Now driver groups could be prepared for all Classes at the same time which saves times for the race director
  3. The breaks between heats in schedule are now shown also on mobile devices
  4. Timezone option has been added to User Profile Settings
  5. Practice Session feature has now a Test page where one can test his/her device wheither its being supported for Voice Lap Annoucements. Also there is a help section that describes some troublshooting.
  6. В интерфейсе режиме Тренировок добавлено отображение текущего времени с момента начала тренировочной сессии. Кроме того, каждую 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 минуту, а также каждые 5 минут после - интерфейс делает звуковое оповещение о прошествии соответствующего количества времени.
  7. The whole Practice Session feature has gone through major changes which are not visible but in fact very importaint in terms of power saving management. This allows Voice Lap Announcements keep working on sleep mode for almost infinite period of time

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