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Managing Racing Profile10 days ago

Recently, more and more people come to us with the question: "How to link a particular driver's profile with RCGarage user account?"

Our main answer still unchanged: The linking of driver profiles to user accounts is carried out by a special automatic procedure, which must be complete no more than 24 hours after signing up with RCGarage.

At the same time, there are cases when this does not happen or the user wants to get access to the driver's profile immediately. From now on - it becomes available to everyone, because we have made it possible for users to choose for themselves which driver profile they would like to link to their account. All you need to do is apply for the chosen profile and wait for our team to approve it.

In addition, there are few extra cases of using the new feature. In the case when there are profile duplicates in our database, i.e., the common duplicate is where a person swaps first and last names during event signup, used the abbreviated form of their name, made a spelling mistake etc. - we can easily identify and merge those kind of duplicates into the one user already have access to.

Go ahead and look up for you own profile here!

If you found an error on the page or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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News feed embedding onto your Club or Team or Federation website18 days ago

Do you have a team's webpage or a full club website? Or maybe even a whole portal with a news feed dedicated to RC? Today's update will definitely be interesting to all those who already manage (or going to do so) a website for a club, team or even an entire federation!

As you can see from our recent updates, we continue to expand feature set intended to club and team members, because we get a lot of user feedback in this topic.

Today we will talk about embedding our service into the web pages of clubs, teams and federations, while maintaining their original design. We are talking about embedding news feeds, as well as individual content sections of organizations, i.e. a race calendar, a list of drivers, tracks or event series.

How it works?

In the initial implementation, we provide two ways to embed our services into the organization's website:

  1. Using the iframe tag. Most website frameworks have the option to insert an iframe tag. Similar to how youtube video embedding works on various sites.
  2. Using a special RSS feed reader, where all the news of the organization is published in a special format. News content is identical to what can be found on the News page of any particular organization, be it a club, team, or federation.

Note: When the first option can be used by any of the RCGarage users, then the second option is available only to organization managers.

See screenshots below with the examples of embedding various blocks of information into a website built with the WordPress framwork, however, all available examples can be translated in a similar way to other frameworks and website platforms.

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Follow up with the progress of your Club or Team with a dedicated analytics section!26 days ago

In the recent update, we have announced the implementation of exclusive features for Teams, Clubs, Federations and any other organizations until the New Year, and in today's update we are making this happen by introducing brand new analytics features that will be available exclusively for teams, clubs and federations! Detailed reporting based on the team's data is available to each of its members from now on.

The following types of reports are currently supported:

  • Events - a report in which the main metric is the number of events finished.
  • Entries - is a report that calculates the total number of driver entries for each individual competition in each individual class.
  • Transponders - a report where the main metric is the unique transponder numbers (which in a particular case allow you to count the number of racing models).
  • Drivers - a report where only unique drivers are taken into account. A distinctive feature of this report from the Entries is that one and the same driver can take part in several events and several classes of the same competition event (i.e. there can be many entries but there is only one driver that counts).

Each type of report currently supports the following set of filters: Event Country, Racing Class, Track, Year and exact time period for the event being held.

Grouping reports allows you to highlight the set of interests in accordance with the selected key: Year, Month, Day, as well as Country, Track and Class.

Find your own team here: https://rcgarage.info/Organizations

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Meet Clubs, Teams, Federations, Organization News feeds and Custom Rankings of all kinds!1 month ago

Before New Year hits the door, we decided to release an update, which we have been working on for quite a long time. We started to work on the basic set of features in April last year to be precise, when we announced a Racing Team profile page for the first time. And for RCGarageTiming users it has always been possible to indicate the Club along with the Team in driver signup forms. In addition, an event host has always been assigned to each competition as part of the RC community.

All such terms as Club, Team, Host were always in front of our eyes, but they always raised more questions from users than they gave answers. For example: What racer is in which club? Is there an RC club in my country/city? Who will compete for which team? What competitions has any particular host hold?

Today's update not only provides answers to these and similar questions, but gives users the opportunity to participate in the RC-community growing process and unites them into one whole! Yes, now each user can create his own Team or Club and invite his friends there, as well as join the ones created by others. This will allow you to keep abreast of the events that are happening with the Team or in the Club, monitor driver rankings of each individual organization, and also personally influence the development of the latter!

In addition to the concepts already described earlier, we are introducing for the first time yet another type of organization - a Federation. A distinctive feature of this type of organization is that it can act as an additional host (or several of them) of the competition event. Examples of such federations can be: Regional, State, City/Local or National federations, as well as other arbitrary user options. One of the possibilities that this type of organization opens up is the ability to analyze information about the history of RC sports from different angles, for example, to analyze the specific regional or national rankings.

Of course, we will talk more about the features of this update in the near future, but at the end of this short review we'd like to introduce a personalized news feed for each kind of organization! Imagine all your event announcements, race reports, practice session openers, new member greetings and a lot more all found on the club's or team's page and all automatically generated so you no longer need to deal with boring manual stuff anymore? If it sounds good then you should try it how it works right now.

Checkout screenshots below with some new features displayed and find out more for yourself here on Organizations page

In future articles, we'll go into more detail on each aspect of the current update, so stay tuned and follow us on facebook or just turn on your notifications right in RCGarage!

If you found an error on the page or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

P.S. A small spoiler: by the New Year we will release another update, which will open up new opportunities for club members and teams so hurry up and make your own or join others!

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RCGarage Database Update2 months ago

Here is a weekly RC Database update. Here you can seen how RC community lives and grows.
Full database statistics can be found here.

New Products – 312

Robinson Racing 180
MIP 73
Matt Olson Designs 30
Horizon Hobby 8
MIP \/ MOD 6

More Products...

Completed Events – 692

United States 358
Switzerland 48
Czech Republic 36
Australia 29
Germany 25
Netherlands 24

More Events...

Final Race Results – 10,853

United States 9K
Canada 393
Australia 321
New Zealand 221
Korea (South) 106
Thailand 106

More Results...

New Driver Profiles – 349

United States 263
Australia 20
Canada 17
New Zealand 11
Thailand 11
United Arab Emi 7

More Drivers...

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Important Hotfix and RCTrackBuilder Visualization Update2 months ago

Over the past few days, the track Save feature in our tool for creating track layout mockups RCTrackBuilder wasn't working correctly. Today's update fixes this important issue and we apologize for any inconvenience caused while working with track layouts!

In addition, we also have made a small enhancement to the layout visualization by removing the extra edge (see the screenshot below). And now not only turns are free from unnecessary visual artifacts, but even track crossings are displayed correctly!

If you found an error on the page or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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RC Model Plate Numbers and Stickers of Your Favorite Brands!2 months ago

Perhaps the current update will be completely unexpected for someone, and long-awaited for other ones. But anyway, we have been preparing this one for several years, yes, that's right, sometimes quite a long time passes before the idea comes alive! But we are happy to announce that now every user of RCGarage has his/her own studio of stickers, which can be printed out in one click right from the interface.

In addition to stickers of chassis and tuning parts manufactures we have implemented a brand new type of a sticker - a Plate Number sticker! Who said RC models shouldn't have its own plates? Here is what they look like:

Each plate number contains the following information:

  1. QR code which contains a link to the web page of a particular RC model in RCGarage. Thus, having such sticker on the body shell and a phone with a camera, you can immediately go to the page of this model! This will not only make it much easier to share information between friends and other folks from the rc hobby, but also will save owners of the large garages from having them to scroll through the page to find the model they need (to manage settings, mileage, etc.);
  2. RC Model Name;
  3. Country Tag and Flag representing the owner's Origin.

Note: The decals file contains edges for cutting each individual sticker in a such way that printing on special equipment will automatically make the edges straight.

If you found an error on the page or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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Linkage of Personal RC Garage and a Profile page plus more2 months ago

Recently, we have made quite a few updates dedicated to RC racing aspect of the hobby, but as you know, our project is devoted to a much wider set of related between each other aspects of the hobby. So, for example, having started his own RCGarage, the user can register models from it in the competition and track the history of participations, mileage of the model, part and setup lists, and more to that. In today's update, we would like to talk about some of the changes made just in the area where several aspects of the RC hobby meat each other.

First of all, the smallest one, but very handy feature is the ability to quickly access the driver's profile page from the user's garage. Until today, there was only reverse access implemented.

Thanks to user's feedback, we have improved the display of the brand list upon garage's page, adding a separate section for displaying chassis manufacturers in addition to manufacturers of tuning parts.

Among other things, we also made a small update to the setups page, which can be found here. Now you can clearly see on the page who has loaded each setup in particular, and for which model it relates to, including corresponding links for quick access.

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More Enhancements to RCTrackBuilder Tool2 months ago

The more feedback we receive the more enhancements we can make and today's update of RCTrackBuilder is no exception.

First of all we have added an ability to select a pivot (of corner or of a segment curve) and a tap-friendly manipulation area for the selected pivot. This features enabled both for normal and touch screens. Second of all in order to keep things organized we have added a preview image for all stored layouts so one will be able to identify each given layout easly by looking at its preview image.
Note: For the track layouts created before this update it is required to re-save them in order to get previews.

As an additional feature we have implemented an ability to Export layout into PNG image format directly with no extra effort required to make a screenshot or print to PDF whatsoever. As a bonus the exported image will preserve transparent background so it can be easily overlaid over a backdrop in some photo editor.

If you found an error in the results or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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Import your club Race Results!2 months ago

RCGarage's database grows every single day and it contains race results from more than 120K race events from all around the World by now! Yet there are cases when you still can't find some of your favorite results, ain't it right? You are able to upload your own results into our database from now on!

It was a privilege of an RCGarage Timing user or a race director before today but from now on everyone is welcome to send us the race results! Upload results here (see screenshots below for more information).

If you found an error in the results or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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