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Driver Profile page layout update and new logo for RCGarage!15 days ago

Yet another update has become possible by feedback received from our users!

Important changes were made on the driver's profile page - there is an adjusted layout for displaying the relation between the profile and RC collection linked to it. If before the update we displayed only a link to the user's collection, then from now on all models are shown directly on the profile page!

In addition to the rc collection display, the way of displaying the list of racing classes, teams and clubs the driver is racing for has been improved.

And the last but not event close to the least we have redesigned our logo!

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RCGarage Community Grows!21 day ago

Recently we wrote about the fact that our resource is been out there in the Internet for 7 years now, but we didn't tell how exactly has the RCGarage community grew during this period and how does it continue to grow right now. So we are about to change that! Because in fact all this time, our users continued to create models in their garages, add new driver profiles, upload setupsheets, develop club and team pages, and more recently, create race track layouts. There are more aspects of the hobby that can be found on the RCGarage pages which we are going to talk about in future updates.

In today's update, we want to introduce a change made to the All Models section, which provides additional flexibility in viewing other users' models. Now there is an option to filter out models of a given brand or of a particular a kit or show only the models you liked. And also there is a way to change the order of the list itself, for example, sort the models by the date they were added to RCGarage from the most recent to those that were created earlier.

In this month alone, there were more than 150 RCs added to RCGarage and we would like to share photos of the most recent of them.

Develop your garage, add models and share them with your friends and the community!

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New Look of the Drivers List1 month ago

We continue to improve RCGarage search features and make them even more convenient for you. Today we are pleased to announce a brand new type of layout for displaying the list of racer profiles in the search results and on the respective section of club and team pages.

Checkout for you self here: Racer Search

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RCGarage Database Update1 month ago

Here is a weekly RC Database update. Here you can seen how RC community lives and grows.
Full database statistics can be found here.

New Products – 93

Whitz Racing Products 22
CEN 13
Spektrum RC 6
Core-RC 5
Excel 4
Team Associated 3

More Products...

Completed Events – 850

United States 413
Switzerland 66
Netherlands 60
Russia 47
Australia 41
Italy 32

More Events...

Final Race Results – 14,214

United States 12K
Australia 622
Russia 168
New Zealand 164
Korea (South) 148
Spain 127

More Results...

New Driver Profiles – 472

United States 390
Australia 28
Russia 17
Spain 14
South Africa 4
New Zealand 4

More Drivers...

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Extra Features for the Event Organizer1 month ago

Organizing competitions and any other RC-related events is not an easy task for the host. It is necessary to prepare the route, provide electricity, in some cases food and lights, think over the schedule and other details, without which the event may receive a negative review or not take place at all.

In today's update, we are expanding the functionality of our integrated timing and scoring system RCGarageTiming to enable organizers to add specific information about their events, for example, provide a full description of the event, where one can write an approximate schedule of the competition, additional conditions for sign-ups, conditions of entering the facility and other information that participants need to know or would like to. If the event has its own design and a specially designed graphic poster, then it can be added directly from the event page.

If the organizer has found sponsors of the event and wants to shout out about their support - now this can also be done on the event page itself, thereby each participant will be able to assess the involvement of sponsors!

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Now we are 7 years old! Happy Birthday RCGarage! 2 months ago

Exactly 7 years ago, in February 2014, we launched our RCGarage service in the public domain!

All this time we have been filling up our database with various information about the RC world. This is information about new models, their spare parts, the event results, rc drivers, tracks, brands and companies, clubs and federations from all around the world. There is a statistics page where you can get familiar with the amount of data that is available for each one of you all this time and it was and always will be absolutely free!

And of course, we could not have done all this without the support of RCGarage users which as for today counts up to 1500 people. Who, by the way, added information about more than 500 RC models from their garages, uploaded over 100 tis setupsheets, and also created over 200 track layouts in one of our special tools!

As a birthday present from RCGarage team, we want to give all active users unlimited access to the Personal Practice tool! In order to get such a gift, all you need is to share the post from our page on facebook, vk or telegram and that's it!

Happy Birthday RCGarage!

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Small update of RCTrackBuilder tool2 months ago

At the end of last year, we released a brand new tool for designing track layouts for RC models — RCTrackBuilder . Since then there have been more than 200 track layouts created by RCGarage users and the number of new designes is still increasing to this day!

During the usage period, we received a lot of feedback from active users with suggestions and ideas on how to make the tool even better and more convenient. And today we have implemented one of these ideas so we added the ability to unsnap control points from the lineup grid. This will allow you to create even more unique and interesting track layouts!

Thanks everyone for the support and the feedback!

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Event Sign-up Form Update2 months ago

Each host and racing track has its own competition and sign-up rules and, as a result, sometimes a different set of information is required to be filled in by the participants. Until now, our integrated timing and scoring system RCGarageTiming did have only one set of fields for all types of events.

For quite some time we have received many different requests asking to allow the race directors to define the content of the registration form themselves. Today's update introduces such opportunity to everyone so a particular race director can customize the driver's registration form as he needs.

In addition, for the convenience of users, we have added the ability to specify a set of racing classes that are open for registration right in the event creation window!

In case you find an error on the page or within any other information on our resource please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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User Interface updates of Adding and Editing RCGarage Models2 months ago

We continue to optimize our interface, making the user experience more convenient. In today's update, we are introducing a brand new UI for the adding an RC model to the garage.

The new UI makes it easier to organize your RC garage. A user-friendly interface with minimum number of required fields and enhanced auto-suggestions will allow you to quickly and without any extra effort fill your RCGarage with models!

Anyone who has not yet had time to take advantage of this feature can start their own garage right away and join the community by adding their first RC model! And all those who have been with us for a long time can evaluate the new UI of adding (and editing) models and give us a feedback of what you think. We are always glad to receive feedback from all of you and make our RCGarage services even more powerful and convenient.

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Managing Racing Profile3 months ago

Recently, more and more people come to us with the question: "How to link a particular driver's profile with RCGarage user account?"

Our main answer still unchanged: The linking of driver profiles to user accounts is carried out by a special automatic procedure, which must be complete no more than 24 hours after signing up with RCGarage.

At the same time, there are cases when this does not happen or the user wants to get access to the driver's profile immediately. From now on - it becomes available to everyone, because we have made it possible for users to choose for themselves which driver profile they would like to link to their account. All you need to do is apply for the chosen profile and wait for our team to approve it.

In addition, there are few extra cases of using the new feature. In the case when there are profile duplicates in our database, i.e., the common duplicate is where a person swaps first and last names during event signup, used the abbreviated form of their name, made a spelling mistake etc. - we can easily identify and merge those kind of duplicates into the one user already have access to.

Go ahead and look up for you own profile here!

If you found an error on the page or within any other information please tell us on facebook page or via feedback form here.

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