RCGTiming and Scoring System

Every well organized competition or a practice event can't be held without special lap timing system.
RCGarage provides all the required software for a given hardware!

RCGTiming and Scoring (short RCGTiming) is a free web-based software application for events organization and time keeping using Lap Timing hardware (i.e. Vostok Electronics, MyLaps, etc). It provides an easy way to manage racing events and timing data through online web service.

RCGTiming supports multiple devices: Mobile, Tablets and Desktop, and also works on different platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

Get Started

There are two ways of setting up RCGTiming:

  • Using direct Decoder connection (no PC or driver required). See instructions on how to setup your decoder: for Vostok Electronics or MyLaps
  • Using driver application installed to your PC. Follow the instructions guide (for Vostok Electronics or MyLaps) on how to setup the software on your PC or watch the video below.


At this point there are numerious features implemented within RCGarage Lap Timing System and here are most important of them:

  • Competition host's admin can create and manage an event through web-interface at all times
  • A participant can register for an event online without creating a special account
  • An admin can manage a number of classes that will be present at the event
  • An admin can setup specific points counting rules for a particular event
  • An admin can setup a heat schedule for an entire event ahead
  • There is an automatic heat points calcuation
  • Voice guidance upon the heat run: Countdown, Time announcement and Position announcement
  • Detailed heat history
  • Live Video feed with telemetry attached to a particular heat
  • Results display in fancy tables with brand images
  • Team and club scores

Quick Start