Buggy Setup Wizard

What is all this?

Buggy Setup Wizard is a tool that help you do a quick setup change of you RC car. The main idea of this helper is that you see whole set of options according to desired behaviour of your model. You don't need to drill down each page to find what you are really looking for.

How does it work?

You pick a car behaviour you want to change from the available list and click on Increase or Decrease buttons depending on what you want to do with picked behaviour. This will show you a list of available car settings and proper actions you can make in order to get chosen behaviour.

Example: Suppose you have a car that has oversteer entering a corner and you want to smooth that behaviour. In most cases that would mean you want to decrease steering action off-throttle. There are behaviours divided into groups, such as Speed, Traction, Control, etc. In this case we are looking for steering action which can be found under Control group of behaviours. There you find Off-throttle steering behaviour and click Decrease button.

This wizard was created based on the following sources:

Setup Behaviour

Front camber gain

Rear camber gain

Tire wear

Wheels deformation

Wheels wheeling


Front traction

Mid-corner traction

Off-throttle rear traction

On-throttle rear traction

On-throttle traction

Overall traction

Rear side traction

Rear traction

Side traction

Traction on braking

Traction on bumps



Corner speed

Maximum speed


Chicane speed

Corner stability

High speed stability

Low speed stability

Off-throttle stability

Overall stability

Stability on braking

Stability on bumps

Stability on strait line


Control sensivity


Corner radius

Linear steering response

Low speed steering

Mid-corner steering

Off-throttle steering

On-throttle steering

Overall steering


Rollover in corners

Steering into the corner

Steering response speed


Chassis hit chance

Damping stiffness

Off-throttle suspension compression

On-throttle suspension compression

Shock flow speed

Suspension efficency

Suspension progressiveness

Weight Transfer

Front weight transfer

Off-throttle weight transfer to the front

On braking chassis lift in the rear

On-throttle chassis lift in the front

On-throttle weight transfer to the rear

Rear weight transfer

Roll speed

Roll value

Weight transfer to the front

Weight transfer to the front in the air

Weight transfer to the rear