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RCGTiming: Big update to the Timing and Scoring system UI!2 years ago

We continue to move forward and we continue to develop our project every single day, accumulating and processing feedback from users of RCGarage!

Today we want to introduce a big change in our integrated timing and scoring system. That was the result of recent few months of work and includes significant changes in RCGTiming UI.

IMPORTANT: For all those users who use RCGTiming to organize racing events and are worried about many updates, you shouldn't worry much because all the existing functionality remains, only its location changes. Nevertheless, if you have any questions about the new interface, you can always get an answer using our feedback form here.

List of the most important changes in the current update:

  • Whole new main screen of the event
  • Changed the navigation between sections of the current event. You no longer need to switch screens going from different configuration sections
  • Practice tab is right there on the main screen with background sound announcements
  • A dedicated list of the drivers in addition to the list of entries
  • A brand new way to manage an event
  • Optimization of the control panel on the main event screen and in the race screen
  • In addition, many optimizations have been made related to the race schedule and various useful features have been added, including restarting the race and viewing the driver's lap chart right from the ongoing race screen

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