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RCGarage users get an advantage of a number personal features like Private RC Collection, Personal Practice Sessions with Voice Lap Announcements and of course a Pit-zone Helper that makes a racer's life much easier in terms of following event schedule.

Personal RC Collection

RCGarage was initially created as a web resource where driver can store any information about his or her RCs.

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Practice Sessions

Using a personal RCGarage account one can setup a set of transponder numbers (up to 5) in the settings and through special page Practice Sessions get real time information about lap times (using voice feature) a model with given transponder makes.

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Buggy Setup Wizard

Buggy Setup Wizard is a tool that help you do a quick setup change of you RC car. The main idea of this helper is that you see whole set of options according to desired behaviour of your model. You don't need to drill down each page to find what you are really looking for.

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Racing Videos

Search for racing videos linked to particular competition events all over the World!

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Pit-Zone Helper

Do not miss a time of upcoming heat as well as check your personal results on the event by making a Pit-Zone helper out of your phone.

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Model Setups

Search for setup sheets linked to RC models which have been created by RCGarage community.

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Knowledge Base

Feel free to search RC Parts, RC Models, Drivers, Events, Event Results and RC Tracks using sophisticated search feature within the World's biggest RC Database!

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Racer Profiles

Wonder how many rc racers in the World are? Or want to know which events did a particular racer attend? Or even find out what trophies have one got in the past few years?

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Timing and Scoring System

RCGarage timing merilni sistem (kratko RCGarage Timing) je spletno bazirana aplikacija za MyLaps Timing Hardware (ver. RC3 in RC4). Zagotavlja enostaven način dela s timing merilnim sistemom prek spletnega vmesnika.

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Lastnik: Денис

Anton's Garage

Lastnik: Антон

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Lastnik: Тёма Мартыненко

Fuel's Garage

Lastnik: Fuel

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Lastnik: Max Sorokin

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Lastnik: Jeane