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Find out more about your favorite RC racer or about yourself!19 days ago

We are continue to extend the information one can get from RCGarage information pages and today's update is about Driver Profile page in particular. Everyone is familiar with data metrics such as Number of Competions a driver attended, Number of wins, etc. But how about which countries a given racer has been to or how many race tracks has raced on during the past years in his/her career? Or a bit more complicated one: How many other drivers a one given racer has met over the years on a race track? You don't usualy get answers to these kind of questuons easily, do you? Well, not anymore! From now on you can easily find such info on any driver's profile page!

And as always we urge you to check out for your own profile if you didn't do that already, you may be surprused!

As an additional feature we'd like to present to you is ability to change driver details on your own profile page. This also allows a user to specify a list of sponsor brands in order to show some support to those who sponsors a driver.

This is not the first time we make user's request up and running and we always appreciate any support and feedback. Please feel free to contact us using contact form here.

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Racing Classes1 month ago

What kind of racing classes are there? Are there any racing events taking place somewhere in my country? Who is racing in a particular class and where the tracks are located? The answers to those and more questions could now be found in a special section of RCGarage called Racing Classes.

This new section of RCGarage consists of a series of pages, one for each particular racing class and the one page dedicated to enlist all of those classes.

On a particular class page one can find the following information:

  • There is information about Racing Tracks where events of a given class are taking place. One can find contact information of a particular track for this class or view its location on the map.
  • One can find info about upcoming racing and recent finished events with the results.
  • Knowing about who actually races a particular class is also valuable info so one can find the most active racers profiles enlisted for each given class.
  • If there are linked videos to a particular event made in a given class then one will be able to see those videos right up on the Class page.
  • Besides everything else mentioned above one can look at Class history represented by a chart with a progression of number of racers through the years.

All the information provided by RCGarage is fresh and continuously updated so one can expect the data to be the most up-to-date in any given moment!

Talking about data provided by RCGarage it’s also important to mention the volume of that data. By the time this article is being written the following data items are being stored in RCGarage database:

RCGarage does not stand still and all of those are not constant numbers but growing ones continuously each and every minute! You can check the currect state of the database at any moment right here.

In the end of this article it’s important to state the fact once again that RCGarage is a non-profit project made by rc-addict and for everyone to use it. Everything done so far and is being in development is possible with support of the RC community. If you are willing to help this project to grow and prosper or you just want to say thank you - you can do it by making a donation for future development described here.

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Infographics with Telemetry for Streams1 year ago

It's been awhile since the first introduction of streaming feature of RCGarageTiming that provides infographics with scoring telemetry. Today we announce an easy access to that feature with more options to configure.

So from now on anyone can use a dedicated wizard that will help to conigure the format and aquire special link to the infographics (this link is supposed to be used inside video streaming software, i.e. Open Broadcast Studio).

Besides that there was an update within the streaming feature itself so viewers will be able to watch well formated results of the just finished heat instead of jumping to the next heat countdown.

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Updates to "Share" Feature1 year ago

Today's update is related to "Share" feature.
  • RCGarage now shares the link to the page using internal Share feature of a mobile device instead of sharing into social media only. It allows you to share the link into messangers and other apps as well.
  • It is now poissible to share a link to the event right from timing admin panel.
  • Here the list of pages you can share the link to:
    • Garage's Page
    • Driver's Page
    • Track's Page
    • Event's Page
    • Buggy Setup Wizard Page
    • News Pages
    • RCGarage Info Pages

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RCGarageTiming Update: Manage Heats Order1 year ago

This is an update for the timing and scoring system RCGarageTiming. From now on there is an easy way to change the order of heats in the event's schedule.

It was quite hard to swap heats in the schedule before this update but now it is as easy as it could be. A race director can grab a heat a move it to desired place in the schedule with a simple drag & drop gesture.

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Racing Team Information Page1 year ago

Yes, the title says all about it self. Todays update releases an information page about a racing team where one can search for teammates and it also gets an easy way to find a particular driver to contact with.

This is the first update in the series of this topic. There will be a lot more about Racing Teams so stay tuned for new updates!

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Extended Analytic Features for Active Racer profiles1 year ago

With today'a anniversary of Active Racer profile which has a unique feature called Persoanl Practice we have now decided to extend the number of special features for this particular profile type!

So along with this update there is a new charts that display metrics of "Best Lap" and "Average Lap" in time progress. Those charts have been added to the general statistics page of event which were handled by RCGarageTiming and also to a particular driver info page of a given event.

From now on on the general statistics page of the event it is possible to view the chart with Best and Average laps made by all drivers within each class. On the other hand it is possible to view progress of a particular driver based on his/her best and average laps done in each finished heat.

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RCGarage Model Page Design Update1 year ago

There were many updates related to new features recently but today we make a small but useful design update of a page which was held intact since the first release of RCGarage portal.

So one of the most important pages of RCGarage which would be Model page is now sligtly updated to let user be aware of which exact model he or she is looking at the particular moment even when navigating through tabs like Setups, Achievements or Parts. Besides that the page was better optimized for mobile devices screens.

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No computer required for RCGarageTiming!1 year ago

Do you host events or practice session using timing and scoring software? In most cases you will need a computer for that matter and in some cases you'll require a particular software installed on it. Would you like to make it easier?

RCGarageTiming provides you with an opportunity to get your lap times without computer/laptop. All you need as an event organizer is an Internet connection and AMB Decoder with Ethernet port. Racers tho will be able to check their timings using their mobile devices.

Basic Instructions of Configuration

Plug your AMB Decoder to the Internet through Ethernet cable and Activate it using Timing Management Panel. And that's it. You are set to go and get all timing and scoring features provided by RCGarageTiming. Neither computer nor any application installation required!

Please watch a 3-minute video guide on how to properly configure and activate your Decoder.


  • If you don't have access to Timing Management Panel, please follow steps described here
  • AMB Decoder has proper configuration but it says: "DNS Error" while connecting to the data server. It means your Internet connection is not available for Decoder (check your router configuration).
  • If you have other problems getting everything setup please feel free to contact us via feedback page.

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Open Practice History1 year ago

In one the recent updates we have added a feature that allows easly provide timed practice on track with RCGarageTiming connection. The idea of that feature was to eliminate unnecessary actions such as preparing a schedule, adding classes, siging up drivers and other redundant actions when racers just want to know their lap timings.

In this particular update we decided to improve a little bit the feature with Open Practice. From now on there is Open Practice History page added so drivers can look back in time and find their results on a given track.

Use tracks navigation in order to find your practice results.

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