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Localization extension. RCGarage now in Slovenian!1 month ago

In thanks to impressive work of one of RCGarage and RCGarageTiming users who also one of the off-road RC events organaizers back in Slovenia the scoring system and the complete website are now in Slovenian!

Our team is very greatful of the work done by Gašper Šimc!

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A user Feedback feature about user experience at attended events1 month ago

There is a special feature of a user's feedback implemented on the request of National Federation of Automodel Sport of Ukraine. This feature gives an organaizer to prepare a survey for drivers with number of questions with rating answers. This survey will be accessible to drivers which attended at the event so one can rate some suggested points such as race director behaviour during the heats, his commentator skills, etc.

Key thing here is that survey will be accessible only for those RCGarage users who actually attended at the event which will give a big value to those surveys and its answers.

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New Hardware Support for RCGarage Timing!2 months ago

Exciting new today!

There is new hardware now supported by RCGarage Timing. The new timing box has been created by a team avtolab24. In order to accomplish this we have used RCGarage Timing API which was developed for cases like this one. We will tell more about API soon so everyone can give it a try and make your own decoders work with RCGarage Timing!

We have received the very first results from the integration done by both our teams but we are looking forward to see real live results from race tracks! We wish all the best to avtolab24 team!

Special thanks to Yuriy Lopuhov for his hard work in remote debugging and all the help!

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Recently added Products3 months ago

Tekin RS Pro Black Edition BL Sensored/Sensorless Brushless ESC

Tekin RS Pro Black Edition BL 1S 1/12 Sensored/Sensorless Brushless ESC

Custom Works
Custom Works 0723 Outlaw 3 Pro-Comp Kit

Flite Test
SCRATCH & DENT: Flite Test FT-22 Speed Build Electric Airplane Kit

SCRATCH & DENT: Traxxas E-Revo RTR 4WD Brushless Monster Truck (Blue) w/TQi 2.4GHz Radio & TSM

SCRATCH & DENT: Traxxas Revo 3.3 4WD RTR Nitro Monster Truck w/TQi (Red) 2.4Ghz Radio, TSM, Batteries & DC Charger

Team Associated
Team Associated RC10 B6D Team 1/10 2WD Buggy Kit Combo w/Servo, ESC, Motor & LiPo Battery

Team Associated
Team Associated RC10 B6 Team 1/10 2WD Buggy Kit Combo w/Servo, ESC, Motor & LiPo Battery

Team Associated
Team Associated RC10 B64 Team 1/10 4WD Buggy Kit Combo (Carpet) w/Servo, ESC, Motor & LiPo Battery

Team Associated
Team Associated RC10 B64D Team 1/10 4WD Buggy Kit Combo (Dirt) w/Servo, ESC, Motor & LiPo Battery

ST Racing Concepts
ST Racing Concepts Traxxas 4Tec 2.0 Aluminum Shock Caps (4) (Gun Metal)

ST Racing Concepts
ST Racing Concepts Traxxas 4Tec 2.0 Aluminum Threaded Shock Bodies (2) (Gun Metal)

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RCGarage Timing celebrates its first anniversary!3 months ago

Today's update is the special one! A complete year has past since the first launch of RCGarage Timing!

Here are some update notes

Results analysis is now more exiting because of a new feature that shows given driver laps in a bar chart

Many changes has been done to Competition Results page. It is grouped by class now instead of grouped by driver as it was before. Also there are video links on final heats that have been shot.

Mobile version of the competition list page is optimized

There were a lot of changes to RCGarage Timing admin panel based on user feedback.

And the most important update for today is that our dev team has became bigger! New updates are coming sooner!

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Event calendar, Language selector and other cool stuff4 months ago

There is a lot user feedback received in the recent weeks. And now we are going to introduce some new features and cool updates which have been done since.

First of it is now much more easier for user to switch between interface languages using a language selector located in the main menu.

When you are planning your schedule a season ahead it is so much easier when you have all racing events right before your eyes. That is why a special Calendar page has been implemented to provide such opportunity for users. Also an authorized user can use a "favorite" featuer that allows to organize a personal calendar using events from different countries.

Another cool feature is that events are now separated between past and active. Active events are ordered by the start date when the most closest event is being put on top.

There are a lot of other stuff is being implemented so stay tuned for more updates!

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Serial Port Protocol Support for RCGarage Timing5 months ago

The most wanted update of RCGarage Timing for the last few months is finally here!

There is a support of AMBrc protocol has been added to RCGarage Timing. This protocol is used when AMB-alternative decoder is connected to PC via Serial (COM/USB) port.

Special thanks to Roman Motruk (from Dnipro) for the test environment with real device

New Version Update

New users as well as the current ones should use new version of the RCGarageTiming by downloading it from their Competitions Management Panel

Detailed information about RCGarage Timing here

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RCGarage Timing Update 6 months ago

There are many changes done in the recent days within RCGarage Timing. So the time came to announce them in public.

Here is what's been done so far:

  • Исправлены следующие ошибки: Теперь финальный рейтинг пилотов после соревнований не включает пилотов, у которых нет ни одного результата финального заезда; Скорректирован порядок сортировки результатов по кругам соревнований.
  • Реализована возможность проводить командный заезд, где за командой закрепляется несколько чипов.
  • Переделано озвучивание окончания заезда. Теперь в момент истечения основного времени звучит фраза: "Принимаем модели на финише", а в момент завершения добавочного времени - Гудок.
  • Убран гудок старта заезда для старта квалификации
  • Внесены изменения в панель управления соревнованиями: Теперь можно формировать группы отдельно по классам; Добавлено авто определение номера пилота в группе; Добавлена возможность добавить пилота в режиме гонки по номеру его чипа; Добавлено авто-определение номера заезда при быстром старте
  • Обновление в интерфейсе и отчетах соревнований: Добавлено минимальное время круга; Отображение информации о пилотах в отчете по группам
  • Добавлена возможность использовать сразу несколько чипов при регистрации на соревнования, а также возможность сохранять собственный набор чипов в профиле

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Recently added Products6 months ago

Vanquish Products
Vanquish Products Losi Baja Rey/Rock Rey Currie F9 Rear Axle (Black)

Vanquish Products
Vanquish Products Losi Baja Rey/Rock Rey Currie F9 Rear Axle (Silver)

Pro-Line B64/B64D Elite 4WD Buggy Body (Clear) (Light Weight)

Arrma Dboots 'Back-Flip Mt 6S' Pre-Mounted Tires (Black) (2)

RC4WD Bully II MOA RTR Competition Crawler

JConcepts B64/B64D "S2" Illuzion 4WD Buggy Body w/Aero Wing

RC Screwz
RC Screwz Associated RC10B64D Stainless Steel Screw Kit

RC4WD Yota II Axle Knuckle Bushings (8)

Holmes Hobbies
Holmes Hobbies Puller Pro 540 XL Waterproof Sensored Crawler Motor (3500kV)

Team Orion
Team Orion HMX 10 Competition Brushless ESC (250A, 2S)

Team Associated
Team Associated Aluminum Factory Team TC Spur Gear Pulley

Team Associated
Team Associated Carbon B64 FT Adjustable Bellcrank Input Arm

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Recently added Products9 months ago

RC4WD Axial AR44 ARB Differential Cover

Team Associated
Team Associated Factory Team PSD Shock System

Team Associated
Team Associated Aluminum HRC Arm Mount "C"

SCRATCH & DENT: Savox SW-0250MG Waterproof Digital Metal Gear Micro Servo

Schelle Racing
Schelle Racing B6/B6D 0.5mm Carbon Fiber Bulkhead Shims (2)

Team Associated
Team Associated Aluminum HRC Arm Mount "D"

Team Associated
Team Associated Aluminum HRC Arm Mount "B"

RC Screwz
RC Screwz Tekno RC MT410 4x4 Stainless Steel Screw Kit

Schelle Racing
Schelle Racing Nova Buggy Lockout Set

SSD RC SCX10 II Rock Shield Wide Rear Bumper

Schelle Racing
Schelle Racing B6/B6D 67mm Light CVA Bones (2)

RC Screwz
RC Screwz Traxxas Ford Raptor 2017 Stainless Steel Screw Kit

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