RC Garage

Have you ever been asked about RC models collection you have? Or have you ever asked someone about what models does he/she have?
How long would it take to make one good answer? :-)

Well, the idea of this project was to let people easly share their RC model collections and/or particular models within the RC Hobby community.

Main Features

  • It's free to use!
  • Ability to create and maintain your own Garage of RCs
  • Ability to keep and maintain the list of parts you installed upon models
  • Fast search with easy way to add parts upon your model

All main features are register/login free. In fact you will be able to manage your garage only from one device in this case. Register to get access to your Garage from any device.

Other Features

  • Ability to share links on your Garage and/or Models with your friends
  • Integration with Social Networks (facebook, vkontakte so far)
  • Watch rating of Models, Parts, Kits, etc.
  • Manage privacy settings for any models of your Model
  • Extended model info edit, including special features: Single Photo, Photo Gallery, 360 Degree View, etc.
  • Continuously growing database. See statistics page to monitor its growth
  • Internal Lap Timing System for Competitions: RCGarage Timing

Project Donations

If you are satisfied with this project you can help it grow! You can donate some money in order to get new features developed and found bugs fixed more quickly!

Also it costs money to get server and other hardware up and running so money could get in handy.

Quick Start

These videos will help you out with using key features

Add a Model from Garage

Add a Model from Search

About Author

Hello, I'm Fuel and just like any other RC addic want to make this hobby community grow up so this project is a small step for it :-)

Contact and Feedback

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the project or any other feedback or question you have please feel free to leave your comment.

Email and Phone

If you still have some questions unanswered or you want to contact the founder personally you can use the following email and/or phone in order to do so:

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