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Buggy Setup Wizard Improvements11 months ago

We have received a lot of positive feedback since the first launch of Buggy Setup Wizard along with different proposals on how to improve user experience.

We have added few more model settings which were not there before along with its descriptions and model behaviours which they affect. There is a new help topic of how to use the Wizard with provided example.

As before we do not stop on this point and continue moving forward and improve Buggy Setup Wizard in order to make it more clear and easy to use for every racer that wants to improve his or her setup and make the best of it! We are in contact with some of pro level races over the World in order to get maximum accuracy of what each particular setting does and what behaviour it affects. In fact you can make your own contribution to it and contact us if you see a mistake in description or wrong behaviour. Please feel free to contact us using a form on this page or write us at facebook group.


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