Top 25 Ukrainian Drivers

Driver Model
1. Monakhov Andrey 198.61 Tekno RC
2. Chub Dmitriy 192.43 Team Durango
3. Fedorenko Vladimir 191.5 Team Durango
4. Dronov Andrey 187.83 Tekno RC
5. Motruk Roman 184.3 Mugen Seiki
6. Prikhodyko Aleksandr 183.32 Team Associated
7. Zhadlun Vladimir 181.83 Team Losi Racing
8. Anisimov Denis 180.84 Tekno RC
9. Melynik Pavel 176.1 Team Durango
10. Labunskiy Daniil 175 Team Losi Racing
11. Mikhaylov Konstantin 169.8 Team Durango
12. Korsun Yuriy 168 DESC 410R
13. Polishtuk Sergey 160 Team Associated
14. Ogirchuk Vyacheslav 135 Tekno RC
15. Zakusilov Aleksey 130 Team Associated
16. Shtutskiy Nikita 91.4 Team Durango
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Calculation Rules

Score of each driver is being calculated as a sum of the points earned by him/her on a competition divided by the number of event he/she took part thoughout calculation period. Points of each competitions is calculated according to: 1 - 30 points, 2 - 28 points, 3 - 27 points etc.
Calculation period is two full years starting from today and currently equals to: 2016-03-20 - 2018-03-20.
Meanwhile points earned in the last year have more weight than the points earned earlier. (Coeff is 3). Coeff is being calculated if only driver has took part more than 2 competitions.

Note #1: This ranking is taking into account driver if only they had part at least in 3 competitions for the whole calculation period.

Note #2: This ranking is not taking into account the following classes: "Hobby", "Buggy 2wd Stock 21.5" и "Buggy 4wd Stock 21.5"

Note #3: This ranking is not taking into account the competition if only there were at least 4 drivers