Yokomo YZ-2 CA L2.75

Custom Built Model

Base Model Kit

Yokomo YZ-2 CA L2 Edition 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit (Carpet & Astro)


basically a CA L3.1 on a CA L2 Chassis with a few custom bits:

- PETG+CF 3d printed battery mounts and straps
- PETG+CF 3d printed front brace
- PETG+CF front bulkhead shims 0.5 - 2.00mm thicknesses
- TPU Waterfall brace / motor fan mount - allows for more chassis flex than the stock brace but having some durability issues. Current
version places fan too close to motor / magnetic field so staying with the stock brace and the fan mounted by the transmission case
- Protek 30mm aluminum motor fan

- Yokomo 2 gear diff with 10K fluid. Thinking about going to an x-ray active diff
- Leadfinger racing A2 Tactic body - need to paint and install