Jimco Ford Raptor TT Replica

Model po meri


Project Conecpt

It was an idea to make this truck look more realistic and with good driving handling at the same time. The real truck I've choosen to get model of was Jimco's Ford Raptor Trophy Truck.

Those were first thoughts about this project:
1. Custom roll cage
2. Custom front suspension setup (25wt ta)
3. Trailing rear suspsension setup (550 nanda)
4. Custom transmission setup
5. Traxxas Ford Raptor SVT body

Roll Cage
Made from aluminum rod 5mm and brazed with Castoline 192 FBK. I've used 8.5 meters of rod and 1.5 meters of solder material. Complete weidth of the cage itself is 380 gramms.

1. Weight: 3350g (full equiped and ready to run)

Current State

Photo Gallery of the build

Outside Photos

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