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Recent Updates for RCGarage and RCGarageTiming1 year ago

There are a lot of updates stay unrevealed from the majority of users because of continuous development on daily basis. In fact there were some updates in the last month which we are going to describe for all RCGarage and RCGarageTiming users in order to get them more familiar with the interface changes.

So here its are:

  1. There was a update in algorithm that calculates a driver's pace in the heat which is shown as an progress indicator. The pace now based upon most recent laps done by a driver. It is most important for the long runs such as mains.
  2. Now driver groups could be prepared for all Classes at the same time which saves times for the race director
  3. The breaks between heats in schedule are now shown also on mobile devices
  4. Timezone option has been added to User Profile Settings
  5. Practice Session feature has now a Test page where one can test his/her device wheither its being supported for Voice Lap Annoucements. Also there is a help section that describes some troublshooting.
  6. В интерфейсе режиме Тренировок добавлено отображение текущего времени с момента начала тренировочной сессии. Кроме того, каждую 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 минуту, а также каждые 5 минут после - интерфейс делает звуковое оповещение о прошествии соответствующего количества времени.
  7. The whole Practice Session feature has gone through major changes which are not visible but in fact very importaint in terms of power saving management. This allows Voice Lap Announcements keep working on sleep mode for almost infinite period of time


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