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Observe Competitions in Real Time2 years ago

There are few real application of the following RCGarage update. Image you are taking part in a competition and being in pit zone do not hear the judjes yelling about an upcoming heat you will need to race in. You would not want to miss that one for sure because ain't any fun skipping the heat, right?

You can RCGarage feature of observing competitions to don't let this happen to you. All you need is RCGarage account and specified competition you want to observe.

In order to receive push-notification onto your mobile devices see other topic: Important Notifications Inside Your Phone Now!

In other case you for some reason can not race in upcoming competition but you would like to watch an online stream of your favorite classes. Instead sitting and waiting a heat you wanna watch you can just setup notifications for that heat in RCGarage and it will ping you in 5 minutes before start.

Also there is a way to specify certain heats you wanna observe.

And here is an example of how notification will look like letting you know about upcoming heat

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