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Integrated Lap Timing System Update1 year ago

Today's update related to an integrateed Lap Timing System which was introducted few weeks ago.

Within the current update there were new features implemetned:

  • Full Screen mode has been implemented for a race screen
  • Extra time is now show to a user admin so one can announce properly the time left
  • Support of a numerious of AMB decoders has been implemented
  • Driver's time behind is now show on the race screen
  • Drivers which have been finished are specifically marked from now on
  • System finishes and startes races completly automatically
  • Page with all racing groups is added to a race management panel

There was a small bugfix as well:

  • Security certificate for a website was updated so one can use mobile device with no warning in the browser
  • Initial race screen has a table with drivers sorted in a proper order

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