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Important Notifications Inside Your Phone Now!2 years ago

We would eagerly want to let you know that mobile device notifications feature has been implemented in RCGarage. It's no need to install any additional apps upon your device*. Like for other notification method it is possible to turn it on or off at any time you want on the profile settings page.

Here is an instruction of how to setup notifications on your phone or other mobile device:

  • Using your mobile browser Google Chrome* go to secure RCGarage page: https://rcgarage.info
  • Log in into RCGarage under your account. You will need to signup if you don't have one
  • Allow RCGarage website to send notifications by checking proper checkbox. Please check your browser settings in case you will miss that popup box
  • Congratulations! That is it! :)

* - Mobile device notifications supported by Google Chrome browser only at this time

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