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Design and User Interface Improvements of RCGarage1 year ago

Since the begining of the development of RCGarage we are trying to make user interface be as friendly as possible. Nevertheless we have merged so many tools and information in our project so user easly could get lost within.

Making one step at a time of improvements to RCGarage user experience we are glad to announce this new update with the revised design of the main navigation menu. So the current main elements of this menu are: Models, Events и Tools, as well News and Profile Menu.

The most important change in the menu is in fact a new added element Tools where you can find such useful embeded RCGarage tools as: Buggy Setup Wizard, Personal Practice, Pit Zone, Search, and also an admin panel of RCGarage Timing

Besides all of that we have updated the design of All Models page so the initial display order of models in the list is based on the number of "Likes" from bigger value to smaller. And the last but not least we have added new page All Garages which replaces the old one called "Random Garages" so from now on it is possible to list and view all user's garages that contain at least one model with proper image.


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